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Microwave Marketing

I remember when the microwave oven was first introduced into the market. Everyone talked about how fast everything could be cooked.  You can cook cakes, eggs, and even meats faster.  My grandmother simply told me that some things are worth waiting for.

I feel the same way as my grandmother’s wise words when comes to marketing your business. The microwave approach doesn’t seem to be working.  As I meet with small business owners daily they are failing miserably by using microwave marketing.

Microwave marketers believe that they can rush the marketing process. They use social media as the foundation of their marketing program.  There is nothing wrong with using social media as a tool.  But it cannot be your complete marketing program.  It’s like building on a foundation of sand. Marketing is all about building a relationship with your customers, the community, and potential customers. I have never tasted a meal prepared by a microwave that was better than one created in a traditional oven.  Have you?

The successful companies take their time to strategically develop a marketing plan for long-term success. They are not looking for small victories.  They are searching for the ultimate prize of longevity.  Do you want microwave success?  Or do you want to build a marathon business?

Shaundell NewsomeMarketing Mentor, Sumnu Solutions Zone

It’s what’s on the INSIDE that counts

Your company’s brand is not what’s on the outside.  It’s what’s on the inside.

Shaundell Newsome, the Marketing Mentor, has a unique principle that focuses on helping small business owners develop Loyal Brand Champions to create constant “CASH FLOW”.  Most experts in communications focus on the exterior with logos, catchy tag lines and beautiful images.  He puts the emphasis on building the character of your company to evolve customers into Loyal Brand Champions.

Customers buy your product.  Loyal Brand Champions buy your product, recommend your service and actively defend your brand.  A Starbucks Loyal Brand Champion knows their favorite drink by memory. And in most cases, the Barista at their favorite location know them by the drink and sometimes their name.  Apple Loyal Brand Champions don’t want to mess with PCs.  Loyal Brand Champions build and sustain cash flow for your company.

For over a decade Shaundell has educated thousands of small business owners through a process he created called the Twelve Steps of Marketing.  He has been regarded as a marketing expert by several publications to include In Business Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Business Press.

If you want to look good with no constant cash flow you will do what you always did.  If you want to build Loyal Brand Champions and consistent cash flow you will join YOUR Marketing Mentor, Shaundell Newsome inside the Sumnu Solutions Zone.

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“Every company has a unique personality.  Most small business owners focus on what’s on the outside with logos, tag lines and advertising.  Sumnu believes the best brands focus on what’s on the inside, the character of your company.”

Shaundell Newsome

Marketing Communications

A complete marketing communications plan works!

The Marketing Communications Plan drives your business success.  If the business plan is the car, then the marketing plan is the fuel to get the car moving.

Get your car moving and performing at its peak.  In most cases, small businesses perform at half of its full potential.  That’s because they budget marketing according to what they have left over.  They don’t invest in marketing to get the best results.

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