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A Good Training Camp

The Foundation. A good training camp.

On every level of playing football, I had to prepare for the season with a training camp. The camp was designed to get me into esteem shape to last for the entire season. Typically, my camp performance determined the type of season I would have. So, I took it very seriously. I did the same type of preparation to start my business. I did not want to fail.

In my opinion, most small businesses want to succeed. But they don’t get off to a good start. So, they are always playing catch up. Your company can be in business for many years and never reach its financial goals. The business owner is always searching for a way to get out of a slump. If you had a training camp, your company can figure out how to get out of a slump. The business training camp is all about developing good business habits to grow your company and maintain the foundation of your customer base. When I first started our company eleven years ago, we launched with a solid foundation. My training camp to start the firm was two and a half years long. I focused on:

  1. Administrative
  2. Finance
  3. Personnel
  4. Marketing

These pillars have kept our company through the company’s worse recession because we had a foundation to measure from. In 2006, we started the company with record numbers in our first eight months. Something was going right. Then the bottom fell out in 2009. In 2010, we went back to training camp, revisited our foundation and rebranded the company to reflect the enhancements. In 2015, we were recognized as the SBA Nevada Family Owned Business of the Year!

Today, as our company continues to grow we revisit our training camp with new team members to keep the consistency needed to be successful. My advice is to not take training camp lightly. Spend the time to make your largest investment work for you. If you care about your business then it will show in your actions. Have a good training camp!

Top 5 Myths about Marketing: Everyone is my customer.

Everyone is NOT your customer…
Don’t waste time or money trying to speak to everyone. Everyone will not see value in your product or service, you have to tug at a specific emotional string to make that connection with YOUR true customer. What is your niche? What connects you to your TRUE customer

Top 5 Myths about Marketing: Word of Mouth as my only form of Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing is my only form of marketing and it WORKS…
Is Word of Mouth Marketing REALLY working for you? Maybe. But certainly not as your only form of marketing and only if YOU control the message. You need to control your brand’s image. Word of Mouth has to be a controlled process. Here’s how…

Top 5 Myths about Marketing: Advertising is Too Expensive for my Company

Advertising is TOO expensive for my company…
Marketing is a process, therefore it’s an investment and advertising is a part of that process. Saying that marketing and advertising are too expensive, means you’re not ready to grow your business. Learn HOW to invest your marketing dollars and make them work for you. 

Top 5 Myths about Marketing: Public Relations is free advertising

Public Relations is FREE advertising…
Public relations is all about how you define YOUR brand. With effective public relations, your audience and your customers will find you. The saying goes,  you get what you pay for, right? You want to make sure there is a value associated with your brand. Plus, there is really no such thing as free advertising!