Celebrate Small Business!

Small Business Week

Sumnu Solutions Zone
Posted: September 18, 2021

Small Business Week

It’s time to celebrate all the small (but strong) entrepreneurial efforts that keep the economy going.

To mark the occasion, we at Sumnu Solutions thought we’d take this opportunity to go through some of the most telling small business statistics.

What Do the Numbers Say About Your Small Business Efforts?

What Do These Numbers Mean?

Entrepreneurs have a lot of work ahead of them. The statistics show that some of the biggest challenges small businesses face involve creating constant cash flow and having a good marketing strategy to support their efforts.

It’s a top priority to solve your biggest marketing challenges and establish a solid brand identity. If you can achieve this, the cash flow issue can be addressed as well.

How Sumnu Solutions Zone Can Help

Sumnu Solutions Zone is here to help you solve your biggest marketing challenges and create constant cash flow!

We provide a self-paced course, featuring the 12 Steps of Marketing, that can help small business owners learn how to truly brand their businesses. From how to build loyal brand champions, to discovering the right distribution channels for your target audience. We have the winning formula for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

You’ll have your very own marketing mentor who will assist you on your business adventures, during small business week and beyond!

Join the Sumnu Solutions Zone today!


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