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Beware of Imposters parading as Marketing Consultants

Beware of Imposters parading as marketing consultants

 Would you ever go into court with a person posing as an attorney?  How about flying on an airplane with a pilot who has no experience?  It reminds me of the commercials where someone says they are an expert because they had a good night sleep in a hotel the night before.

Recently we have encountered many small business owners who have squandered their marketing budget on false marketing consultants.  Typically after this tragic mistake, they are left without the resource to promote their business.  So, how do we avoid these situations?

  • Ask the marketing consultant about the firm’s experience.
  • Check out the clients that have used the marketing firm.
  • Get testimonials from companies that currently work with the firm.

There are many imposters in the marketing game.  Why?  There are no licenses or certifications for a marketing consultation.  It’s an easy target.  Do your research prior to engaging in any contract with a marketing firm.

Luckily for you, I’ve decided to take a step further and provide you with a Marketing MENTOR inside the Sumnu Solutions Zone. Small Business Owners don’t need consultation, they need MENTORSHIP!

  • Shaundell Newsome, Your Personal Marketing MentorSumnu Solutions Zone

Become BRAND new

Become BRAND new

It’s astonishing how many small business owners do not understand branding.  Often, they feel like they have done an awesome job of building a brand by just creating a phenomenal logo with vibrant colors.  What good is having a sensational visual without the plan that exposes the brand?

Take your time with branding.  Expose your brand to your intended target market.  They are waiting for the opportunity to build a relationship with your company.  You have to give them more of what they want.  Sounds weird?  But it’s very true.  Wal Mart customers are proud to say they are patrons of the discount superstore.  Coca-Cola and Pepsi drinkers boast about their relationship with the product.  “I drink Pepsi!  I don’t touch the other stuff.”  That’s their exclamation.

Now YOU ARE BRANDING!  Are you putting your brand in the hands of your customers?

Yes! It’s good to be an entrepreneur!

Yes! It’s good to be an entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster of insanity, innovation and inexplicable rushes of joy.  How do you manage to regulate this high without overdosing?  Answer: Stay focused on why you wanted to be an entrepreneur.

There is one moment that made you jump to your feet with visions of business ownership dancing in your head.  Maybe you did not want to work for anyone anymore.  Maybe you felt the need to build a legacy.  Maybe you wanted to make more money than you ever imagined.  Maybe it’s all the above.

What is your motivating factor?  Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

The Playbook

The Playbook is as good as the quarterback.

I have a great game plan.  Why is not helping me grow revenues?  Every year each team in the NFL set its sights on the Super Bowl.  For one moment in time, they want to be crowned as the best.  Small businesses have to be the best for more than a moment in time.  We have to be the best at all times.  So, how do we accomplish this insurmountable goal?

Every year a small business owner starts with a plan.  If he/she does not plan then that’s the first problem.  But simply having a plan means nothing without phenomenal execution.  As the quarterback (owner/senior executive) of your company, you must take the strategy to execution to achieve the desired goals.  Putting the right players in a position to be successful is key.  These are commonly referred to as the tactics for the plan.

I believe in STEP (Strategy, Tactics, Execution, and Planning) for everything I do for small business success.  Are you using STEP in your business?  Why?  Why not?

“Politricks” and Small Business

Why should small business owners pay a lot of attention to what’s happening in politics?  The law certainly changes how you do business.  If you don’t believe that then you have been living under a rock.  The recent talks about immigration and the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare certainly affect your business.

Take the time to research how laws will change the way you do business. Depending on how many employees you have today the Affordable Care Act will have some effect on your bottom line and possibly pricing.  So, it’s very important that learn the ins and outs of the parts that will make you adjust the way you market.    Immigration laws change how farmers maintain workers for the field.  One of the biggest considerations is for undocumented workers who come to the United States to typically do jobs that no current Americans want to do.

These and other laws have a profound impact on your company.  Stay informed by watching the news or visiting websites that provide information about government.

Word of Mouth Marketing – Give something to talk about!

“I get all of my business by word of mouth.” As marketing professionals, this phrase really gets under our skin.  That’s the equivalent of playing the rumor game.  You depend on someone else to define your product or service.  The message is often misleading.

Word of mouth marketing is described as someone experiencing your product or service then you are hoping that they tell someone about their experience.  Here is a better idea.  How about you give them what to tell prospective customers?  Maybe they don’t know how to properly communicate that experience.  Maybe the person that they are talking to can’t relate to that same experience.  This is an unhealthy practice for business.  Word of mouth can work the other way too.  A person may have a bad experience.  In that case, they will express their opinion as well.

Create your own message and distribute it to the public.  This information will become fact to the potential customers.  Give them the reason why they need your product or service.  Don’t leave it to the rumor mill.  Give your customers something to talk about.