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Shaundell Newsome

Posted by on September 5, 2017


I’m not sure I really need a website if I have social media. How do I decide?  


Absolutely, yes!  Social media is a good tool to tell some cute stories about your personal life or share photos, videos, etc.  However, it does not come close to replacing your website.

A website is more than a place for people to get information about your company.  It’s an opportunity for your company to build a relationship with a customer.  Most websites don’t allow the customer to develop a relationship.  They are not dynamic enough.

A good website will:

  • Be a business tool for the company.
  • Give the customer a reason to return to the site in the future.
  • Have good content to clearly convey the company’s message.

Social media sites are good for their stated purpose.  Your website is your company’s identity online.  Don’t compromise that to promote the social media companies that ARE NOT paying you royalties.  

– Your Personal Marketing Mentor, Sumnu Solutions Zone

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