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Microwave Marketing

Shaundell Newsome
Posted: October 26, 2017

I remember when the microwave oven was first introduced into the market. Everyone talked about how fast everything could be cooked.  You can cook cakes, eggs, and even meats faster.  My grandmother simply told me that some things are worth waiting for.

I feel the same way as my grandmother’s wise words when comes to marketing your business. The microwave approach doesn’t seem to be working.  As I meet with small business owners daily they are failing miserably by using microwave marketing.

Microwave marketers believe that they can rush the marketing process. They use social media as the foundation of their marketing program.  There is nothing wrong with using social media as a tool.  But it cannot be your complete marketing program.  It’s like building on a foundation of sand. Marketing is all about building a relationship with your customers, the community, and potential customers. I have never tasted a meal prepared by a microwave that was better than one created in a traditional oven.  Have you?

The successful companies take their time to strategically develop a marketing plan for long-term success. They are not looking for small victories.  They are searching for the ultimate prize of longevity.  Do you want microwave success?  Or do you want to build a marathon business?

Shaundell NewsomeMarketing Mentor, Sumnu Solutions Zone


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