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New Year, New Start For Your Small Business

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Posted: February 18, 2021

Another year is here, and apart from the usual resolutions people will inevitably make, small business owners likely have a few big wishes regarding their success as well.

A new year is always an opportunity to make changes and improve performance, but it can be difficult to know what these changes should actually be. But if you’re trying to get your business or start-up off the ground in 2021, then this article is for you.

At Sumnu Solutions Zone, we’ve designed the 12 Steps of Marketing that can help small business owners learn how to make essential changes for the new year, improve their brand awareness, and boost their cash flow. Here are some of the things you can start doing right now to see these changes.

What’s Needed to Start Fresh in the New Year?

The world of marketing is vast and often complicated, so it can take beginners some time to figure out the ropes. If you want to grow your business in 2021 and achieve true success, there are a few essential steps you need to take:

  1. Establish Clear Goals

Begin the process by answering one question: what do you want your business or start-up to achieve?

Figuring out your business goals is essential because it can serve as a foundation of all your action plans later on. They can take ideas or theories and allow you to transform them into targets you can work your way towards.

For instance, having a successful business is something everyone wants, but what does that actually mean? A more clear objective would be to create constant cash flow, which is something you can work towards through a variety of different methods.

  1. Review Your Resources

Entrepreneurs know they have to pace themselves, especially at the beginning of their journey. Stop to consider the resources you have right now, and how you can best leverage them and start working towards your goals, be they business goals, branding goals, or others.

It’s also important to be realistic about how much you can do right now. Over time, as you experience more success, you can expand your efforts, but don’t be afraid to take it slow.

  1. Understand What Branding and Marketing Mean

Even if you plan on working with a team of professional marketers, one of the best things business owners can do is to learn more about what branding and marketing mean. At the end of the day, as an entrepreneur, you will have the final say on your small business’ branding and communication strategy.

It’s much easier to make the right decision when you have a better understanding of these industries. So don’t refrain from embarking on some self-paced learning opportunities to understand these concepts better!

How Can We Help?

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow your knowledge on branding and marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Sumnu Solutions Zone provides business owners access to self-paced learning resources that will help them in their journey to improve their business efforts.

Our program is divided on a 4-quarter model that focuses on teaching business our very own 12 Steps of Marketing plan, and how to effectively implement it to support your business.

  • Quarter 1: Learn everything about our 12 Steps of Marketing, from branding to pricing.
  • Quarter 2: It’s time to put your knowledge to use and implement the 12 Steps of Marketing!
  • Quarter 3: The complete MARCOMM plan, a marketing communication course that will teach you how to advertise your business.
  • Quarter 4: Evaluate your business and see how you can take it to the next level.

In addition, you can also gain access to webinars, peer support, bonuses, and countless other resources that will help you become better at understanding the needs of your start up in terms of brand awareness, customer retention, and maintaining cash flow.

Take your small business to new heights with Sumnu Solutions Zone and register your business with us now to unlock these resources!


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