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A Letter from YOUR Marketing Mentor

Shaundell Newsome
Creator, 12 Steps of Marketing
SBA Small Business Champion of the Year 

Dear Small Business Owner or Aspiring Entrepreneur,

As a small business owner, I know that your journey is a tough one. I understand the risk involved in building your American dream. Over 80% of small businesses fail within their first three to five years. When surveyed 50% of those small business owners attribute their failure to poor marketing and communications. My ultimate desire as your Marketing Mentor is to minimize those risks by educating, engaging and elevating you in the marketing process.

I have perfected a program over the past decade designed to take you through the complete marketing process, creating your own marketing playbook and program along the way. I want to put the power of marketing back into your hands!

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I look forward to our future mentoring sessions!

Your Marketing Mentor,

Shaundell Newsome