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Word of Mouth Marketing – Give something to talk about!

Shaundell Newsome

Posted by on November 2, 2017

“I get all of my business by word of mouth.” As marketing professionals, this phrase really gets under our skin.  That’s the equivalent of playing the rumor game.  You depend on someone else to define your product or service.  The message is often misleading.

Word of mouth marketing is described as someone experiencing your product or service then you are hoping that they tell someone about their experience.  Here is a better idea.  How about you give them what to tell prospective customers?  Maybe they don’t know how to properly communicate that experience.  Maybe the person that they are talking to can’t relate to that same experience.  This is an unhealthy practice for business.  Word of mouth can work the other way too.  A person may have a bad experience.  In that case, they will express their opinion as well.

Create your own message and distribute it to the public.  This information will become fact to the potential customers.  Give them the reason why they need your product or service.  Don’t leave it to the rumor mill.  Give your customers something to talk about.

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